All my life I have loved animals and I started helping them at a young age. When something comes natural you do not always know that it is your special gift. We all have something we are good at. Mine is Animals and Dogs and I want to share it with you and your dogs. I understand dogs and connect with them. How do you do it people ask me. How do you have such perfect dogs? How do you take such amazing pictures? How come they do not pull on the leash? You have a no barking policy? Huh? I asked myself the same question, how do I do it? The answer is it comes natural to me. I understand dogs and they understand me. I simply tell people I just tell the dogs to do something and they do. Well there is a little bit more than that. It takes understanding, patience, perseverance, and treating your dog like a dog, not like a human. Around 14 years ago I adopted a Hurricane Katrina rescue. Cade Dog. She was a soul mate dog I call it. A perfect match. She was hurt when I got her and it took 6 months to heal her physical wounds and years and years for her mental wounds. She ran wild for two weeks in the Hurricane. One day she went from a limp to a run. being scared to wagging her tail. I cried tears of joy. I have always helped animals but with Cade I realized I could take a wounded dog and help them heal. A few years later I got my Lila girl. She was hyper active, pulled on the leash, ran wild, and was naughty. Well before long She was damn near perfect. I just naturally new what to do to help her be a better dog. btw she is still my pack leader and going strong. :)

I was working in the corporate world and my co-worker had a cool dog nick named little killer. She had a tendency to be scrappy, bark and growl. Of course she was a great girl like all dogs. Well My Co worker and now long time friend Scott got a job traveling around the US. Sometimes 6 months at a time. I volunteered to watch Kaily. AKA little killer. I took her under my wing, socialized her, got her to stop growling and soon she became more balanced. I figured out ways to help her like walking her near other dogs and people and showing her she did not have to bark and growl at everyone. It time however. Hmm I said I can really help dogs. Well time went by and I never asked for any money but Scott would give me things, TV’s, tools, etc. Well one day when he came home and picked her up he gave me $1000 cash. Just take it he said. Ding, ding, ding...I realized at that point I wanted to make a living helping dogs. I started out walking them and before I knew it I had lots of clients. I eventually quit my job and got a part time job. I worked seven days a week for years building my Dog business and every dog that came to me became a rock star. I started taking pictures. At first they where just the dogs sitting there but the owners would say my dog is not sitting, my dog is looking away. So that is when I started perfecting my pictures and perfecting each dog in the pack. Before I knew it I was becoming known for my pictures and people where blown away. It was so easy to me. Wow I said to myself, I found my calling and good at it. Dog whisperer everyone called me. It is flattering but I gave myself a title. A dog socializer/behavior expert. To me that is what I do. I can solve problems with dogs and its fun and rewarding. To this day I live and breath dogs. I once had nine dogs with me for 40 days!! I have worked a hundred days straight helping dogs. I love them so much. I live and breath dogs. I have raised so many puppies. Man how to they make it to adulthood. Years and years of puppy training have taught me so much.

It did not come all that easy, I have seen it all. Dogs that run away, scared rescue dogs that have been traumatized, aggressive dogs, dominating dogs, pulling on the leash dogs, house accidents, chewing things, jumping fences, dogs that just do not listen, you name it I have seen it and experienced it. I realized that we the humans control how our dogs behave. The dogs love guidance and direction. I give all my dogs jobs in the pack, I challenge them, teach them to love everybody and behave perfectly. There is no real specific way to help a dog, each dog is different, each dog parent is different. I work with the dog and the human together and find goals and challenges to solve any issue. I have 100% success. Give me a dog and a willing dog parent and we will succeed. You have to be ready to be diligent. it could take months and even years to get results. If you have the devotion and patience your dog can be the coolest most awesome dog around. I love showing off my dogs. Other dogs are pulling and barking at me meanwhile I have 6-8 dogs on a walk and all my dogs are looking forward and could care less about them. I smile to myself and feel proud of my pack. People love watching my dogs behave so well. You can do it too. I can help you. Whether it just reading my info, talking with me on video, or if your local meeting me in person. I will get to know you, your family and your dog or dogs. We will learn together what we can do to make your dog the best they can be. I will share stories with you and we will have so much fun along the way.

Ok you say it is easy for you but how will it be easy for me? Well I will share with you what I know and will answer your questions. Example for you. Have you ever been talking or around someone and they tell their dog to sit but the dog does not sit. The owner says sit a few times but the dog does not listen and the dog parent laughs and just stops saying sit. Well if I tell a dog to sit or give a command I follow through. If I say sit then I will not stop until the dog sits. I will drop what I am doing and give them all my focus. I look at them and firmly say sit and I gently put my hand on their lower back near their tail and gently push and encourage them to sit. Once they sit I will give them some loving and verbal praise. You have to follow through with your commands with your dog. If you can dedicate a 6 months to a year of working with your dog you will get a lifetime of obedience and a happy balanced dog. If you work so so with your dog you will work a lifetime with your dog and get so so results. You can’t ever give up. You have the power to have a perfect happy dog. Well dogs are happy no matter what but being balanced and happy is ideal.